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Olenka is leaving her adopted home of London and returning to the place of her youth, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Her departure is fast approaching - she'll be back in BC in April - but before she goes she's put together a final, farewell show at The Aeolian Hall on Fri. Mar. 14th at which she'll revisit songs from throughout her career. 

Doors will open at 7pm, with music starting at 8pm.  Former Londoner, Baby Eagle, (aka Steve Lambke, You've Changed Records, Constantines) will open the show, followed by Olenka and a smattering of guests.  Tickets are available online here, and at the Aeolian Box Office, Grooves Records, and The Village Idiot.



O&AL's 2012/2013 releases are available online and in stores.  Check out the band's newest releases on the music page,  where you can stream the seven-song EP, Hard Times, and the three-song 7inch, It's Alright.  You can also purchase digital copies of all the songs for $1 each via the band's bandcamp page.  The new songs were recorded with Simon Larochette at his studio, The Sugar Shack and were mixed and mastered by Dan Weston.  Below is the cover art for both new releases.

The paintings featured throughout the EP are the work of Trevor Kyle Carter.  Please look through his website for some more examples of his artwork.

It's Alright Album Cover

The photographs on the front and back covers of the 7inch are the handiwork of Cory Downing.  Visit his website for some more examples of his work.


CBC's Vinyl CafE & Q

O&AL were featured on a broadcast of The Vinyl Cafe in which Stuart McLean et al. explored the ups and downs of the winter season.  The song "Northern Lights" - from the 2008 self-titled, full-length album - was played alongside a number of stories and songs depicting the varied ways in which we come to terms with the season and its mood.

O&AL performed as Q's live music guests on Friday, March 11th, 2011 with guest-host Jann Arden.


Maggie Howie

Olenka Krakus penned the song “Maggie Howie” which she performed with Autumn Lover Sara Froese as their contribution to Henry Svec's compilation Folk Songs of Canada Now. The song was recorded in London by Andrew James and features ambient background sounds courtesy of London traffic, Sara's cat, and Mr. Svec himself. Folk Songs of Canada Now offers up a collection of modern field recordings, showcasing the sometimes silly, often poignant, stories of a seemingly modern yet timeless era, and featuring a number of Canada's finest artists.  It can be downloaded for free here.

Check out this stellar review of the album.

Olenka & Lightfoot

Olenka has contributed a cover of "Rainy Day People" to a compilation of Gordon Lightfoot songs put together by the fine folks at Herohill. You can download your FREE copy of the compilation at this link.



O&AL won the 2012 Jack Richardson Music Award in the Traditional Folk/Roots category in April 2012. Olenka Krakus won the 2011 Jack Richardson Music Award for Contemporary Singer/Songwriter in April 2011.  O&AL won the 2010 Jack Richardson Music Award in the Traditional Folk/Roots category in April 2010.


Olenka's CBC Radio 3 Podcast

Olenka features a number of London bands/artists in her CBC3 podcast. Take a listen here.


Polaris Prize 2011 Jury Picks

A number of Polaris jury members included And Now We Sing as one of their top five picks for the 2011 prize. Mark Rheaume of CBC Music Resources explains: "My 'under the radar' choice from my list is Olenka Krakus, a highly original, quirky songwriter who crafts great tunes." Read more...

And Ryan McNutt from Halifax explains that although the album didn't make it into the official long list, And Now We Sing was still "a real sentimental favourite. There [were] a lot of great folk/country albums in the field this year, but for my money none were as varied, or as powerful, as that one." Read more...




To all my dear friends, supporters and accomplices in London, I'm moving away.  Come April, I'll be back in Vancouver, my old stomping ground, which is terrifying and thrilling and largely unplanned, as is the case with most of life's big moments .  Loss comes in different guises: moments that gently amble toward memory, faces whose contours are blurred by the great Canadian expanse, voices whose timbres blend into tenuous echoes.  When I think about leaving London, as I sit on my living-room floor deciding between what to pack and what to consign to the timeworn aisles of the local Goodwill, I can feel the loss of all of these things.  I can feel the nostalgia settling in.  I've been here eight years.  Almost nine.  With each year, my gratitude for this community of friends and colleagues has grown, and I have been humbled by your encouragement and generosity.  And since I don't know when I'll be back in your company, I'd like to say goodbye and thank you in the only way I'm really able: in song.  Which is the sweetest way to commemorate loss and celebrate change: to sing it into the night.  I hope to see you there.

Farewell London Show Poster



I had the loveliest time on my recent solo winter tour.  Despite the frigid temperatures and the absolute necessity of long underwear, I spent many a warm evening in the company of some great tourmates, friends, and audiences.  Thanks to everyone who put me up for a night or two and with whom I broke bread.  Thank you kindly to all the people who came out to listen to my songs.  Thanks to all the organizers who made the shows possible.  And thank you to all the great musicians with whom I shared the stage this time around, especially Construction & Destruction, Baby Eagle, and Jos. Fortin (and Ehren!), with whom I travelled and sang and laughed over a few special, wintry days.

olenka solo winter tour poster 2014


NXNE 2013 TipSheet

NXNE has compiled its list of the Top 60 Canadian artists from the 2013 festival, and we made it into the top 15 for the Indie/Alt Folk category!  Read through the full list here.


Ken Palmer was my friend.  He was a member of the old guard of the London Ontario music scene and a founding member of the Dixie Flyers, a bluegrass band from London that had a long and successful career in the music industry from the 1970s onwards.  Ken was also an ambassador of Canadian music, in his role as the Artistic Director for the Home County Folk Festival from 1990-2005, and because of his genuine passion for the scene which he continued to enthusiastically support and participate in.  He was also a colourfully opinionated advisor in all matters, to put it mildly, and I loved him for it.  He would visit me regularly at my record store job, inquiring into whatever issues I might be facing and taking great pleasure in pontificating at length and dispensing whatever pearls of wisdom and anecdotes he found relevant.  I will miss our spirited exchanges and the warm and fragile heart at the core of so defiant, unapologetic, and inspiring a man.

If you'd like to learn more about Ken, here's a link to Mr. James Reaney's article on my old friend.



Our friend Ben Srokosz (from the Spur of the Moment video blog and Culture Factory team) was kind enough to record and edit another video, this time of "Only Arms" from our recent show in Chatham.


7-inch Redemption Code Issues

Thanks to a few incredible fans, we were made aware of an error with our Digital Download system for It's Alright -- our latest 7-inch.  If you had an issue, our system should now be fully operational.  To redeem your digital copy of the record, find your download code and enter it here.  If you notice any further problems, don't hesitate to contact Jeremy at



We're back home safely in London Ontario, and everyone is resting and recovering from a couple weeks of touring in ON, QC & NB. Thanks to all the musicians with whom we had the pleasure to play, to new and old friends with whom we got a chance to spend some time, and thanks to everyone who came out to our shows. We had a really fun and memorable tour, and we're already looking forward to the next time.

summer tour poster


NXNE 2013

During our single, very jampacked day of NXNE, we had the fortune of playing in Trinity Bellwoods Park for the Great Heart Festival put on the Young Lions Music Club. The folks at Humble Empire / Live in Bellwoods were kind enough to shoot some videos during the festival. Here's the video for one of our newest songs, "Runaways". For the other videos, check out our gallery page.



During our 2012 autumn tour, we had a chance to record with some audio/video engineering students at McGill for their Audiolens video series.  Here is the final edit of "Don't Make Sense".


London "Hard Times" Release Show FOOTAGE

Our album release show was a great success and we'd like to thank Firehorse (local brainchild of Daniel Mancini) and Jenny Berkel, both of whom were gracious enough to share the stage with us.  The performance was captured on video by Ben Srokosz for his Spur of the Moment video blog.  Ben recorded and edited the footage (with the help of Jonathan Abrosimoff on second camera and Bob Hulme on sound), and here is the result: the final cut of "Hard Times" and "Winterlude"!



There's a skateboard out there named after the band!  It's the handiwork of LMM and was inspired by our music and Trevor Carter's artwork (Trevor is responsible for the bird images that adorn the skateboard; they were originally a part of a tour poster that we had made up for our 2011 Summer Tour).  Wow!  What a treat!

LMM Olenka skateboard


October 2012 tour

Our October tour was full of beautiful sights, some great meals, and as always loads of friendly faces.  The following videos for "It's Alright" and "Grey Morning" were shot with Sebastien Ouellet and his team, Antoine Bordeleau (editing) and Simon Paradis (sound), while in Quebec City on Thanksgiving.  These are three very talented, funny, and passionate guys, and we're indebted to them for their efforts.

Olenka And The Autumn Lovers - It's Alright | A City By The River from A City By The River on Vimeo.


Olenka And The Autumn Lovers - Grey Morning | A City By The River from A City By The River on Vimeo.


Connie Converse Cover

Some time in the winter of 2012, I recorded a cover of a Connie Converse song. A media studies grad student in New York, by the name of Andrea Kannes, is putting together a documentary on the little-known folk musician, and has posted the song on her website.  Check out the recording at this link.


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